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Wraith & Wraith Laser IR+ 850NM or 940NM 500MW 2x or 3x Lens Rotary intensity control 5-100%

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Night saber Wraith & Wraith + Lasers




850NM 500MW Laser IR with Variable/Rotary brightness intensity control.

The NS wraith allows either a 2x(same as the Solaris laser ) or 3x(same as the Sirius laser ) fast focus lens to be used to suit multiple NV devices as required,the small 2x lens is perfect for dedicated NV or add on users that don't require a very high mag range & will allow a unbelievably clear crisp image out to huge distances (focal length adjustment is locked/unlocked with a 1.5mm hex key)

The 3x fast focus lens on the Wraith + gives a even more focused beam allowing "Addon users" who like to zoom the magnification on the scope a tighter/brighter pin point beam.

The unique adjustable/lockable focal length adjustment allows the NS Wraith to correctly focus either or both heads as required & can even be fine tuned by the end user to suit their particular/preference night vision setup.

Either the 2x or 3x Fast focus focus lens systems exhibit zero head sag/POA shift & allow the 500MW 850NM  OR 940NM IR beam to be flooded to wide field of view or a narrow far reaching highly focused beam with minimal effort. (The 3x lens is significantly tighter than the 2x.we would suggest the 2x headed Wraith is suitable for 90% of users)

The NS Wraith is switched ON/OFF simply by pressing the rotary intensity control switch,adjustment can then be made to the brightness (5%-100%) as required & will be remembered when switched off, accidental adjustment can not be made with the Wraith in the OFF position.

The wraith is the smallest lightest 850NM 940NM 500MW class 3B Laser we are aware of that has rotary intensity control & the only to offer a expandable lens system.

Expect to see 500+/700+ yds for the wraith + with a gen 3 tubed or vulpine "Addon" or 350+-550+ with a pard 007 & a good scope.

Both the Wraith & Wraith + are IR Illuminators & intended for use with Night vision devices that are rifle mounted.



(2x fast focus lens system)

  • Class 3B laser product 
  • 183MM
  • 285G
  • 500mW
  • 850NM or 940NM (please note that 940NM will have significantly less output compared to the 850NM but will still be very good for a 940NM IR device.
  • Requires 1x button topped/protected 18650 battery to be inserted positive end first (not included)

Wraith +

(3x fast focus lens system)

  • Class 3B laser product
  • 210MM
  • 400G
  • 500MW
  • 850NM
  • Requires 1x button topped/protected 18650 battery to be inserted positive end first (not included)

Two year warranty period 

 Disclaimer & safe operation guidelines 

Although the laser diode used in the wraith are safer than the older edge emitters we are still classing them as 3B & advise the associated level of caution when in use.Class 3B lasers have the potential to cause eye injury so responsible use & every care must be taken.

  • Always remove the battery when not in use or changing lens
  • Always remove battery before removing from rifle
  • Never look into the lens
  • Do not expose any part of your body to the beam
  • Treat this laser as you would a firearm
  • Keep away from minors & store securely
  • Do not point at reflective surface

 Swapping heads/Instructions

Please ensure battery is removed

Care must be taken when fitting the larger 3x head as the threads are a tighter specification/fit.

once you have fitted your chosen lens you will need to adjust the focal length by slackening the hex key setting to the correct focal length.the measurement behind the focal length adjuster to the torch body ridge is as follows.

Do not over tighten the lenses as this can/will cause undue strain on the lenses internal mechanism when removing & could inadvertently cause damage. Use a narrow strap/band wrench if it has been over tightened close to the aluminium adaptor to remove rather than on the main part of the head.Additional aluminium lens adaptors are available so your lens can be changed along with the aluminium adaptor for easier lens swaps (£15,99+ post please enquire via email for invoice a wraith laser must have been purchased to qualify)

These are the approximate default measurements as shipped but further fine tuning can be carried out in the field to maximise performance with you particular NV system.


Wraith Laser & the Vulpine MK3 in action

Some more customer shot test footage of the Wraith +, 10x optic mag (approximately 13x system mag)


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