Fully adjustable IR/Torch ball mount fits 25mm-40mm scope tubes (Quick detach)

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Windage/Elevation adjustable mount 25mm-40mm

Fully adjustable to allow precise alignment of the torch/IR beam.

Rotating ball &  thumb-wheel design  allows easy in the field adjustment & easy removal of the upper section to aid storage.

very sturdy clamping system compared to other adjustable solutions currently available

The lower section stays on the optic & is available in 25mm/30mm - 40mm (25/30mm is supplied with a bush to suit both sizes)

Available in 25/30mm 34mm 36mm & 40mm to allow you to fit most available scope sizes.

The lower section also fits out new NV screen system.


Pease select options above 



25mm Torch body only

center to center between ring

 Low 50mm

Med 60mm

High 65mm






The upper & lower parts are available individually if you need to use on multiple optics HERE


Please read carefully prior to fitment.....

Clip the  bushing over your IR/Torch & fit into the adjustable mounting upper part.(the split in the bush should be on the side of  the m4 cap head screw or damage may incur)

Tighten the m4 cap head fully being careful not to over tighten, you can then control the tension  via the thumbwheel allowing you to rotate as desired.

When tightening the 4x cap heads to secure to your scope tube be sure to tighten evenly & be careful not to cross thread the fixings.

A single stretched wrap of electrical tape will help protect your scopes finish and aid grip,evenly tighten 4x cap head until secure and firm without over tightening. 

Surface finish may vary depending on ABS/PETG type used .


Please note these are made in house so 0-5 working days depending on workload








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