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TR Series LED Inserts TR38-TR75 colour + IR

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We have a range of LED options for this new system including the new AS LED.

Fit TR Series   TR38-TR50-TR67-TR75

LED options are as follow:


  • STANDARD IR 850nm AS IR 
  • CUSTOM 850NM IR AS "eXtra" 2100ma 3 mode only
  • CUSTOM 820NM AS IR "Ruby"
  • 940NM IR
  • Red XPE2 Ultra
  • Green XPE2 Ultra
  • White XPE2 (tightest beam) 
  • White XPG2 (middle sized beam)
  • White XML2 (widest highest lumen beam)   - single mode only
  • Amber xpe 

XMLu2 are a wider higher lumen beam that are better in the larger head sizes

XPE2 ultra LEDS are higher powered versions of the old XPE range and have no dark spot in the center.

LED inserts unscrew anticlockwise from the torch body after completely unscrewing the head.

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