TR Series XHP+ IR illuminators (eXtra high power) 38-75mm

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TR Series XHP+ IR illuminator (eXtra high power) 38-75mm

These illuminators are now built in house to order on our custom made 2mm thick copper PCP/stars.we use 12+W/m.k rated thermal compound to ensure maximum performance & no heat related dimming when driven @ 2.1 amps.

This version of the TR series Olson "AS" has a modified Pill/Insert improving the thermal path of the led and significantly boosting the IR output with a higher amperage led driver.

3 power modes -Low/Med/High

The driver is locked in mode by leaving it ON in the desired position for a couple of seconds.


Available with 38mm -75mm heads allowing a wide range of use.

TR series based so plenty of accessories & leds available

Runs on a single 18650 button topped battery ONLY & we recommend a Samsung 2600ma or 3400ma Panasonic cell due to the increased amperage.

**** MUST NOT BE USED WITH 2X 18650 CELLS *****