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TR Series Illuminator 38mm 50mm 67mm 75mm Bare IR or full kit

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TR Series IR illuminator system available in 38mm 50mm 67mm & 75mm

Please use menu to select you led type & head size above,you can also select a bare Torch/Lamp of kit.

Expandable system allowing you to quickly change pill or Head size as required without tools,The TR series has 4x head size options 38mm 50mm 67mm & 75mm allowing you to have a single torch body capable of multiple jobs. 

25mm tube size for easier mounting.  This gives a lighter overall weight and large heat sink for improved cooling over the older T series torches/ illuminators.
Runs on a single or dual 18650 batteries with included body extension tube.

Focus adjustable from a wide to tight beam simply by turning the head of the illuminator.

Choosing a custom 850NM pill allows you to get more performance for a given head size or select a smaller head.

820NM "ruby" emitters are slightly more visable but give a tighter much more intense beam so require a smaller head size,38mm-50mm are most practical with the larger heads giving a extremely tight beam when focused.(good for high mag with a digital add on)
 options are as follow: 

  • 850NM Oslon AS IR Standard
  • 850NM Oslon AS XHP+ IR (custom built 2100ma 2mm copper pcb must single battery tube only)
  • 820NM Oslon as "ruby" IR (custom built high MA 2mm copper pcb)

LED options are as follow: 

  • Red XPE2 Ultra
  • Green XPE2 Ultra
  • White XPE2 (tightest beam) 
  • White XPG2 (Broader beam)


  • TR-Series Lamp with selected led
  • 2x Batteries (NM True power batteries actually test higher than rated & are based on Panasonic cells)
  • 1X Dual bay charger

 TR Series accessories are available below

  • Check out our adjustable Torch/Lamp mounting systems HERE (available for scope tubes up to 40mm)
  • More battery/charger options are available HERE
  • Remote Tail switches are available HERE
  • Additional LED inserts/pill are available HERE
  • Extra TR series Heads/Lens HERE


  • The 3 mode function is cycled by half pressing the tail switch & saved by leaving "off" in the selected mode for a second or so.(or "ON" with custom 850NM IR insert)
  • Batteries must be inserted positive end first.
  • If used with 2x batteries they will need to be button topped cells
  • Charger led's will start of red & change to green when fully charged
  • LED inserts unscrew anticlockwise from the torch body after completely unscrewing the head.
  • Custom built pills/IR 1-3 days lead time