TR series Hard case Kit *UF3600ma batteries*

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TR series Hard case Kit *UF3600ma batteries*


Choose you Torch/IR illuminator head size from the TR38 to the TR75(38mm/50mm/67mm/75mm)

This Torch/Illuminator system is incredibly versatile as you can use any head or led from the TR series range to the standard torch body. The TR also series has the benefit of being able to run off of a single or dual 18650 batteries with the included extension tube.(expect between 200-600yds depending on the LED/HEAD size.

This is a comprehensive FULL kit that include everything you need to run & mount your system to a 25mm or 30mm optic all stored in a padded ABS hard case


  • 1x Torch or IR Illuminator of your choice(38mm/50mm/67mm/75mm)
  • 1x 3D printed adjustable ball mount that provides a very stable field adjustable solution(height will depend on head size chosen unless specifically requested in checkout message box)
  • 2x batteries
  • 1x Remote tail switch
  • 1x Hard case



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