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T4 Test charger for 18650 Li-ion or NiMH (Will charge most popular small cells)

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T4 Test charger

Test function that is very useful as it allows you to run a charge/discharge cycle on your battery & display the actual MA rating of the cell.

Has a 5v usb socket so can be used as a charging dock for mobile phones/Tablets etc.(requires a charged battery to be installed)

will charge almost any capacity of Ni-MH/CD and Li-ion battery

Back lit LCD display showing loads of battery info on each cell

will happily fit protected button topped 18650 cells & with its 1 amp "fast charge" option quickly charger higher amperage 18650 batteries .


  •  Four charging currents: 300mA/500mA/ 700mA/1000mA.
  •  LCD display can show the charging condition, charging time, voltage, current, capacity and internal resistance.
  • Every slot is independently controlled. It can test battery "true" capacity and battery internal resistance(for reference)
  •  It can test battery type, Li-ion or NI-MH battery, and detect working time.
  • Battery voltage detection, battery voltage can be shown on LCD display
  • Intelligently detect bad or non-rechargeable batteries. When Ni-MH/CD battery voltage cell is lower than 0.2V, it can’t be charged, the LCD display will show “null”
  • With over-charge, over-discharge, short-circuit protection, bad battery detection and reverse charging protection.
  • The highest protection voltage for Li-ion cells is 4.20V±0.05V, when the voltage of battery is 1.6V-2.2V will be detected as bad battery, the LCD display will show “null”
  • The highest protection voltage for Ni-MH/CD cells is 1.55V±0.05V, when the voltage of battery below 0.2V will be detected as bad battery, the LCD display will show “null”
  • UK mains plug