Sunranger XHP+ (high power)T series Sun Ranger (Bare Illuminator or full kit)

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 SALE Sun Ranger XHP + illuminator  3 mode only


This version of the Sun ranger has a modified Pill/Insert improving the thermal path of the led and signifantly boosting the IR output with a higher amperage led driver.

T (38)series based so plenty of accesories & leds avaialble HERE

Runs on a single 18650 button topped battery ONLY

The standerd T 38 has been boosted with the extremely high quality yukon ranger 3x head/lens system giving a incredibly clear focussed beam, we also modify the insert to massively reduce light spill & bond the original adjustable head as this virtually eliminates all head sag(all focus adjustment is then made using the Yukon head)

These offer large lens performance & a incredibly sharp emiter image without the need to have a huge lens & allowing a much lower profile mounting solution.(expect 2-300yds+ with a good add on system & scope & 600yds with decent dedicated or high end tubed sytems)

Available as full kit or on its own

Bare IR =SR XHP+ Illuminator only

KIT Includes

  • 1x sun ranger XHP +
  • 2x 18650 cells(please choose via drop down menu)
  • 1x 3D printed adjustable mount (new type)
  • 1x Dual cell charger


Please note "mode" is locked by leaving in the "on" postion for several seconds rather than the "off" position.

Shown on rifle sporting a LL700MP-HD add on system