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Starlight DragonFly Infrared Laser Illuminator (or FULL KIT with upgraded batteries & mount)

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For a much nicer laser see the new "Wraith" High power laser system bellow


In actions with our NV add on systems


Illuminator only or full kit

Please select above

Focusable from a wide flood to an extremely tight spot

Length: 195mm

Diameter: 54mm

Weight 360g with battery

Upgraded KIT Includes

  • Dual bay charger
  • 2x Panasonic  batteries
  • 3D printed windage/Elevation adjustable ball mount (very firm & simple to use)

IR only includes

  • 1x DF laser only(requires a single 18650 battery not included)

Expect to CLEARLY see foxes at 350-500+ m with a Digital Arrow/ward D, with appropriate scope and up to 600 m with Archers and Longbows Vulpine.

Upgraded batteries are advisable for extended run time of beyond 1 hour! (Samsung/Panasonic)

Please note

Removing the safety filters will create a non eye safe class 3 laser!

********INCLUDES POSTAGE***********

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