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NS48-IC & NS68-IC (Full intensity dimmer control) Lamp/IR

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 NS48IC & NS68IC (Intensity control 5-100%)

Pre-order 20/11/2019

These have been manufactured to our specifications & have some serious output in any of the led options available, the red led is a absolute beast & will blow most other red torches away in out & out power/distance.(the NS48-IC will out perform most 67mm headed lamps in red)

Full intensity control with silent push tail switch,unlike other systems with IC if you push the switch it will quickly come on at its switched off setting(wherever you leave the adjusting knob set )
The quick focus adjustable head will go from full flood to spot in 1 turn without any noticeable head sag ensuring consistent alignment.

Led's can easily be swapped in seconds simply by unscrewing the head & removing the led.

The NS48-IC/NS68-IC can be purchased on its own(Bare) or in kit form to include batteries & charger, we also have a stock mountable wired IC (intensity control) switch's available HERE

If you want a all in one multi colored LED torch see our NS48 or NS68 Tri-LED IC (3x led in 1x torch) HERE & HERE 

Led options available 




Oslon 850NM AS 

850NM XHD 


Kit options include the following

1x Lamp/IR with the selected led option

1x Dual bay smart charger (UK plug and 12v cigarette adapter included)

2x Night saber  "True power" button topped/Protected 18650 batteries (NM batteries are made from Panasonic cells)

Additional LED'S can be purchased HERE

The NS48 IC & NS67 IC run on a single 18650 cell,these can be included in your purchase by selecting a kit in the above menu or purchased separately in our accessories section HERE

 We have several Lamp/IR mounting solutions available to suit scope tubes from 25mm all the way up to 40mm  in our mounts section HERE

 Length & weight

NS48-IC 260G 168mm-180mm

NS68-IC 378G 188mm-190mm

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