*NEW* Pinnacle 1 Night Vision Spotter

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 Pinnacle 1  Night vision Spotter

Ultra high performing spotter featuring the  high performance KPCE700pub camera & some trick new features.

The pinnacle 1 has a very tough construction when compared to spotters comprised form components screwed & glued  to the thin walls of project boxes or similar. The Pinnacle 1 spotter has a full integral chassis system that houses the key components & gives serious strength & rigidity to the overall package. It also features an adjustable IR clamp allowing perfect IR alignment.

High quality lens out to 270yds +



Key features

  • KPCE700pub with enlarged custom made housing to insure maximum light hits the camera sensor.
  • HD 800x480 5" screen (fully built in to device)
  • Custom battery pack comprised of 3x Panasonic 3400ma cells giving around 4 hours "constant on" run time (much longer in normal use).
  • Screen & IR can be independently switched depending on conditions.
  • Adjustable IR alignment ensuring you get a perfect placed IR beam against the viewed image(simply loosening the IR clamps allows movement & retightened once aligned via its inbuilt ball mount adjuster).
  • Choice of 50mm lenses from budget to extremely high quality/low light lenses.(or you can select "NO LENS" if you have your own C mount lens)
  • Choice 38mm or 50mm lensed IR using the latest high powered OSLON "AS" LED.
  • Integral weaver rail for extra IR or external device attachment.
  • RCA video out socket allowing you to attach a DVR recording device.
  • 12V charge port & included charger.
  • Tough/Rigid complex 3D printed housing/chassis system allowing a sleek compact build(far from "just a project box" with parts attached).

Each device will include

1x Spotter with selected IR & Lens

1x 12v wall charger

1x 2.5mm Hex key for IR adjustment

1x instructions

Note on Lens & Head options

Only select "NO LENS" if you have your own C mount lens you would like to use

Our Budget 50mm lens (This is the lens you will see on most spotters & we have included it as our "budget" option)is a lot smaller/lighter than the other 50mm options & although its rated at the same low F1.4 rating its a far cry from the performance of a true quality F1.4 lens. The lower the lens F stop value the more light is going to make it back to the camera sensor.

A 38mm IR lens gives you a almost fully illuminated square of IR on the 5" screen when used with a 50mm lens, the 50mm IR head will give a brighter IR square that fills less of the screen BUT you will be able to fill the screen if you flood the IR focus out.


Please note switch's used in this device may vary from pictured depending on availability of component's .

ships within 2 working days!