Fully Windage/Elevation adjustable weaver type IR/Torch ball mount

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3d Printed Adjustable weaver type IR/Torch mounts v2

New V2 adjustable 20mm weaver mount utilises a quick adjust thumbwheel & increased rotational adjustment.

Due to the lack of adjustable mount solutions for the various sized IR devices we have come up with a mount for those that require a 20mm weaver style fixing in 3x different heights that will mount IR/Torches up to 67mm on a flat rail. Larger heads may fit if the IR head is beyond the end of the rail.These are perfect for dedicated night vision devices equipped with rails.


The mount is easily adjusted by loosening the thumbwheel & rotating the IR in the direction required & re-tightening . Clamps to the weaver rail via a single thumbwheel screw.These are a very strong and stable.


simply clip the bush onto your IR or torch and fully tighten the M4 cap head , adjustment is then made by slackening the  thumbwheel.

ships in 1-5 working days


Please select low medium or high above

Fits 25mm IR/Torch body's.