New "dualie" Fox whistle only £9.99 Check out the amazing Vulpine MK3 Night vision for the ultimate near eye add on devices only 70-80mm added to day scope.

Vulpine MK3 Ultra short high performance Near eye add on (70-78)

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Vulpine MK3 

Super short near eye digital Night vision add on,only adds 70-78mm to your optic in use!!No compromises on head/cheek position when fitted.

Current build time is 2-6 working days

THE best Digital add on has just got considerably better!

The Vulpine mk3 takes the evolution of the vulpine to the next level with a very large aperture long eye relief optic that is truly  inline with the scope.This paired with the 1024x768 O-LED display makes for a truly immersive experience.

Super short, with as little as 70-78mm from rear of your day scope to the V3 optic so head position remains unchanged from normal.(depends on scopes ocular diameter & eye relief)

Incorporating a much strong chassis & external lens adjustment for quick/simple cross hair re focus when moment between scopes.

A upgrade version of the V3  is available from the V2 that will use the original V2 optic system,this conversion is £149.99 & available HERE



LL Vulpine MK3

Class leading super HD wide angle 1024x768 O-LED micro display + NEW large aperture all glass long eye relief optic system

The all new glass  optic system offers more eye relief & easier viewing than any NV device we have ever looked through.

This is the highest resolution "Add on" system currently available & gives the best  image from a add on that we have seen.

  • New very large aperture long eye relief optic system
  • No increased length so head position remains unchanged
  • super low lux camera  camera
  • Large aperture low light 16mm MP lens
  • Instant "on" (no start up delay)
  • on/off switch + screen brightness control
  • RCA video out 
  • LEFT handed or RIGHT handed rifle bolt option 
  • BUILT IN 12v battery + charge port & charger
  • 3x bushes to fit multiple scopes (fits up to 48mm)
  • Fits in seconds & can easily be focused between scopes
  • 5 hour + run time
  • Huge achievable distance with high powered laser of 700+ yds
  • Approximately 395g & 114mm to lens in length(between 70-78mm added to scope)


Please do your research on scope choice for digital NV prior to purchase as this will be the critical factor in how the NV will perform.
A scope with a adjustable  low parallax figure is required.

Requires a IR light source

With a good scope (for digital NV) and a good IR source (Dragon fly or similar) expect to see up to 700+ .
rated up to .308win 

Not suitable for heavy recoiling rifles. occasionally a Screen/display/camera may have the odd dead pixel but nothing that impairs performance 3x pixels max!

NEW high temp super strong plastic chassis

ulpine kits


More Info on the NS wraith can be found HERE

More info on the NS NS48 XHD can be found HERE

  • 1x Selected IR illuminator 
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Wind/Elevation IR mount


Returns terms & conditions HERE

Some Vulpine MK3 action footage HERE

 Introduction & set up video below (Thank you Phil Taylor)

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