PARD NV007 Inline near eye (with IR kit options)

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PARD NV007 Inline add on 1080P

why purchase a pard NV007 unit form us ?

FREE 3x spacer pack to allow easier fitting

FREE genuine 3200+ma 18650 battery

FREE UK delivery via RM special delivery 

Large range of upgraded IR options to maximize the performance

 Enhanced version with improved shock proofing for rifles up to moderated .308                  

The NV007 utilizes a 1080p day night camera & a 800x600 HD adjustable viewfinder.

Can be used as a spotter or quickly attached to your rifles day scope via a quick detach bayonet type fitting.Fully self contained with its built in IR source, However due to the lens size(16mm) of the device it really comes into its own as a "Add on" to your rifles day scope.(although you can add digital zoom to enhance further)

Can be used to record your shooting day or night & stores video footage/pictures to a micro sd card(not included),it also can transmit via Wifi to a phone or tablet.

The unit runs off of a single flat topped 18650 call( included) 

Up to 8 hours run time depending on IR use.

Expect up to 200yds with a good scope & the built in IR & 300+ with a stronger IR source.(sub 10x combined system magnification + digital zoom option)

As with any digital NV scope choice is critical so please do your research & select s scope that's a known performer with Digital NV,A scope that doesn't work well with digital with give disappointing results.

you will require a scope with a low value adjustable parallax of under 30yds ideally although some brands of 50yd minimum parallax can work. 

Please note

1x Extra scope fitting option includes 3x extra mounting shims.

This allows easy fitment between 2x rifles when required.


UK spec model with full 12 month warranty & postage.

  • Max scope eye bell diameter  48mm
  • Includes 50mm eye relief extension/DSA
  • Bayonet fixing with 3 x spacers/shims included
  • Video resolution:1920*1080
  • Photo resolution:2680*1944
  • Eyepiece resolution:800*600
  • Transmission Method:WiFi 
  • IR power:5w
  • 1mw laser
  • Storage type:TF Card 
  • IR wave length:850nm
  • Output type:AVI
  • Built in IR up to 200m
  • Battery:18650 x1(flat topped 18650 included)
  • Voltage:3.7V 
  • Up to 8h battery life
  • Frame rate:30fps
  • Dimension:106*97*47 +50mm
  • Weight: 250g                               
  • Genuine Pard NV007 Intellectual property details HERE                                                                                                                                                                      Bundled IN IR kits include
  • Pard NV007 with battery & scope spacers
  • 1x IR of your choice
  • 1x 18650 battery for IR 
  • 1x 18650 charger
  • 1x fully windage/elevation adjustable IR mount in 25/30mm scope diameter (other sizes available if requested up to 40mm)   
  • TR38/TR50 820NM (ruby)leds are built in house with high bin leds & extra thick 2mm copper heat pads for maximum performance.
    Solaris lasers are singe mode IR