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DEMO/TEST VULPINE Vulpine MK2 pre order 20-30 days

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pre order 20-30 days

LL vulpine MK2 near eye add on

 This is the demonstration version of the vulpine MK2

How it works

  • You purchase the vulpine mk2 @ full retail price & use/Test it for 7 days,this gives you the opportunity to get a feel for the unit & test to see if it is compatible with your scopes.
  • If your happy & would like to purchase a vulpine simply return the demo unit via RM special D & we will ship you out a brand new Vulpine & selected IR on receipt of the demo unit.
  • If you don't wish to purchase the vulpine we will refund you the original charge minus a "Demo" fee of £34.99 on receipt of the vulpine & IR originally paid for. 
  • Any damage to the unit will be taken into consideration & could result in additional charges on receipt(Minor scratches etc not included)
  • If the demo unit is not received back by the 9th day this will incur a £10 a day late penalty .(we wont charge this if its proven to be posted)
  • By purchasing your agreeing to the above terms  


LL Vulpine MK2 


Class leading super HD wide angle 1024x768 O-LED micro display +adjustable diopter for a large super sharp clear image that's very easy on the eye.

New longer soft silicone eye piece that can easily be collapsed for a even better image

This is the highest resolution "Add on" system currently available.

Smaller/shorter/stronger due to its new High temp/high impact plastic construction.  

  •  1024 super HD  OLED micro screen with adjustable optic so most prescriptions can be dialed out.
  • KPC super low lux camera  camera
  • Large aperture low light 16mm MP lens
  • Instant "on" (no start up delay)
  • on/off switch + screen brightness control
  • RCA video out 
  • BUILT IN 12v battery + charge port & charger
  • 3x bushes to fit multiple scopes (fits up to 48mm)
  • Fits in seconds
  • 5 hour + run time
  • Huge achievable distance with high powered laser of 700+ yds
  • Now with new longer soft silicone eye piece that can easily be collapsed for a even better image.
  • Approximately 300g & 130mm to lens in length


As with most near eye systems you may need to move you optic slightly forward &/or use a slip on rifle stock extension for best comfort.

Please do your research on scope choice for digital NV prior to purchase as this will be the critical factor in how the NV will perform.
A scope with a adjustable  low parallax figure is required.

Requires a IR light source

With a good scope (for digital NV) and a good IR source (Dragon fly or similar) expect to see up to 700+ in favorable conditions.
rated up to .308win 

Not suitable for heavy recoiling rifles. occasionally a Screen/display/camera may have the odd dead pixel but nothing that impairs performance 3x pixels max!

NEW high temp super strong plastic chassis

ulpine kits 

  • 1x Selected IR illuminator 
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Wind/Elevation IR mount

All "eXtra" IR illuminators are built in house using custom copper sink pads & high binned Oslon AS leds .(we also use very highly rated CPU thermal compound to ensure these these deliver maximum brightness)
All the 850NM "eXtra" IR illuminators are driven @ 2.1amp and powered via a single 18650 cell only!

Returns terms & conditions HERE

Some Vulpine MK2 action shots from Matt M



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