EMPTY T38 body(minus LED insert

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This is for the T20 minus any LED insert for those with a spare led insert.

Perfect if you have spare led inserts & require another IR/Torch.

T38 - 38mm Convex lensed illuminator / gun light 

The T38 strikes is a light weight gun light illuminator that punches way above its weight!

Perfect for air rifle / Rimfire use all the way up to centerfire use with its 150-200 yds+ beam.

LED inserts can be easily be changed to suit your particular needs. 



    How do I change the insert?

    Unscrew front bezel counter clockwise.

    Tip the lens and O ring into your palm.

    You will then expose the insert which unscrews CLOCKWISE. Finger tight is fine when refitting.

    Refit in reverse.

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