NEW QD High performance Night vision Add on system 3D printed

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NEW QD High performance Night vision Add on system


Instructions HERE

KPC E700PUB with high performance "MP" (megapixel) Low F stop/Large aperture lens Digital Night vision system that simply attaches to the body/eye bell of you day scope.

The larger Aperture  "MP" lens gives much better performance than a standard KPC/Sure 24 lens.

This system will allow you to aim via an image of your cross hair that's displayed on our new 5" HD monitor/Power box attached to your scope vai its built in quick detachable bracket.

Fits scopes up to 48mm with 4x supplied spacers!

No re-zeroing of your scope is  required.

No multiple trailing wires/cables going from stock to camera & screen just a single cable going from the Camera to our new 12v slimmer QD power box.

Key features

  • KPC E700PUB Camera with  F1.4 Large aperture MP lens
  • 5" 800x480 HD screen & power box that has a  QD clamp to quickly attach to your scope tube(Medium scope ring or above required)
  • Secure self centering DSA (Camera housing)
  • RCA Video out socket
  • NEW Samsung 3x ICR18650 2600ma battery pack inside for a incredible run time of 12+ hours(on constant )
  • Fits 25mm & 30mm scopes with supplied spacer(medium rings or larger required to attach)
  • Single cable so minimal trailing wires


    • 1x KPC E700 with  MP lens fitted in our revised camera DSA/housing
    • 1x NEW 12v 5" 800x480 HD screen/power box
    • 12v wall charger
    • 4x spacers for different scope fitment

    IR KITS can be added be added via the menu boxes & include the below

                • IR unit of your choice (TR38-Dragonfly Laser)
                • 2x  18650 batteries
                • 1x Dual bay charger
                • 1x Adjustable 3d printed mount to suit the IR choice for both a 25mm & 30mm scope tubes

                The larger & more powerful the IR the more distance your going to achieve

                Sharp shooting UK puts our 5" screen system against the Pulsar N970 & X sight 2


                  All fully assembled/wired ready for Illuminator/Batteries - 0-48 Hour build time!)

                  Depending on choices & scope/illuminator combination this will give up to 500yds + usable range!
                  Your scope will need parallax adjustment to give best image!

                    Not suitable for heavy recoiling rifles, However we have customers using them on moderated 308 wins without issue so it depends on you setup. occasionally a Screen may have the odd dead pixel but nothing that impairs performance 3x pixels max!

                    This system requires the use of a infrared light source /IR Illuminator

                    as below will work well for most

                    AIR gun/Rimfire TR38 T20 T38

                    Rimfire/Center fire TR50 NS50 +

                    Centerfire TR50 TR67 NS50 NS67 TR75 Dragon Fly laser

                    Our 3d printed camera housing/DSA is incredibly strong & rigid & a much more stable solution then the flexi pipe kits that are available, it also allows perfect alignment of the camera down the scope as the clamping system naturally self centre's .


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