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Optisan EVE 3-12×56 SF Illuminated MIL-SFP MIL-G4Ai12X

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Optisan EVE 3-12×56 features Side focus MIL-G4Ai12X

 Fantastic scope that we recommend  for use with Night vision add on's like the Vulpine mk3 Pard 007 & nemesis systems

The Optisan EVE 3-12×56 features Side focus down to 10m and includes an illuminated second focal plane German #4 Reticle. The EVE line from Optisan is designed and engineered with rugged precision for hunters to take on every challenges. EVE 3-12X56Pi is classic hunting scope with exceptional optical performance in low light conditions. Particularly beneficial for hunters who usually hunt in dawn and/or dusk. Comes with a simple clean German No.4 reticle that block minimal target possible enabling quick target acquisition and a fine aiming red dot fine enough to allow precision shot up to 300 yards.

MIL-G4Ai12X Reticle

The G4Ai12X is a second focal plane reticle that is designed for quick target engagement with three plex and a fine dot for precise shot placement.