New "dualie" Fox whistle only £9.99 Check out the amazing Vulpine MK3 Night vision for the ultimate near eye add on devices only 70-80mm added to day scope.

16mm & 12mm High performance MP lens for add on Night vision systems

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High Resolution Low F stop 16mm or 12mm  Mega Pixel Lens

This lens Makes a  huge difference to the amount of IR light  that can make it back to the sensor on a KPC E700PuB camera.

Generally this will give a much  higher performance & a brighter higher resolution image with most scopes.

Shown in the picture with the standard 16mm lens supplied with the KPC E700pub

  • 16mm or 12mm focal length
  • 1/3" format cover
  • F1.4 Aperture
  • Fixed Iris
  • M12×0.5 Mount
  • Fits straight onto the KPC E700 PUB

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