LL-760 Inline near eye

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LL-WG760 Inline add on 


 This is the newest enhanced version with improved shock proofing for rifles up to moderated .308

The LL WG760 utilizes a 1080p day night camera & a 800x600 HD adjustable viewfinder.

Can be used as a spotter or quickly attached to your rifles day scope via a quick detach bayonet type fitting.Fully self contained with its built in IR source, However due to the lens size(16mm) of the device it really comes into its own as a "Add on" to your rifles day scope.(although you can add digital zoom to enhance further)

Can be used to record your shooting day or night & stores video footage/pictures to a micro sd card(not included),it also can transmit via Wifi to a phone or tablet.

The unit runs off of a single flat topped 18650 call(3000MA Samsung included) that can be charged via USB or removed & charged normally.

Up to 8 hours run time depending on IR use.

Expect up to 200yds with a good scope & the built in IR & 300+ with a stronger IR source.(sub 10x combined system magnification + digital zoom option)

As with any digital NV scope choice is critical so please do your research & select s scope that's a known performer with Digital NV,A scope that doesn't work well with digital with give disappointing results.

you will require a scope with a low value adjustable parallax of under 30yds ideally although some brands of 50yd minimum parallax can work. .

This is a very decent near eye for the ££££ with a fantastic image,However for out & out max distance it will not match a system with a KPC E700pub camera like our in house built NV add ons.(Vulpine Near eye,Nemesis,QD screened system)

UK spec model with full 12 month warranty & fast postage.

  • Max scope eye bell diameter 45mm
  • Includes 50mm eye relief extension/DSA(Bayonet fixing with 3 x spacers)
  • Video resolution:1920*1080
  • Photo resolution:2680*1944
  • Eyepiece resolution:800*600
  • Transmission Method:WiFi 
  • IR power:5w
  • Storage type:TF Card 
  • IR wave length:850nm
  • Output type:AVI
  • Built in IR up to 200m
  • Battery:18650 x1(flat topped 3000MA Samsung included)
  • Voltage:3.7V
  • Up to 8h battery life
  • Frame rate:30fps
  • Dimension:106*97*47 +50mm
  • Weight: 250g