NEW 3D printed KPC E700pub DSA Scope adapter

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3d printed scope adapter to attach a KPC E700PUB to your scope

NEW DSA allowing greater bolt clearance then our original DSA & perfect alignment to you optics unlike the flexi pipe alternatives. (you could literally lift your rifle up by the adapter its so secure when correctly attached .

Incredibly strong clamping system making it a breeze to securely attach when necessary, with the benefit of it naturally centralising when tightened ensuring the camera is correctly aligned to you scope..

Has a integral cavity to allow you to run the wires from the camera to the 4pin Jack plug socket & will accept a lens size of up to 21mm wide.


1x DSA with push fit cavity for the KPC E700PUB 48mm I/D

1x 4 pole Jack socket

1x 50cm double ended jack cable

4x spacers allowing universal fitment

Always add Electrical tape to your optics ocular as this will protect your scopes finish & greatly increase grip.

This systems gives a very tidy/simple/firm solution when compared to a rubber hose type system .

Slight sanding of the camera body may be required to achieve a suitable fit!

All other items are for illustration purposes only.

Please note these are 3d printed so expect associated 3d printed type finish and not CNC quality surface finish the design will evolve slightly over time from illustrations!

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